How To Buy

How To Buy & Import from Japanase Auction

Select Your Vehicle

Step 1

You can select any car from auction-research service of live auction. Just click here Logo-1 and register your password. Then you can start browsing.

Select Vehicle


Step 2

Once you have decided which vehicle you want, kindly send us the auction lot number. We will give you the translation of condition and estimate cost. We will place bidding on the car up to your budget Before we bid, we'd like a deposit of approx 30% of your budget which is refundable if we are unable to win the bid.



Step 3

After the invoice issued ,please make the payment through TT (LC is acceptable depends on the issueing bank) All the payments will be recorded.



Step 4

We will give you the details about the booking of your shipment and other shipping information. After the car loaded and shipped to your port, Bill of lading and the other necessary original documents would be sent to you by DHL carrier.


Customs Clearance

Step 5

Kindly contact your local Customs office or clearing agent to make clearing procedures.

Custom Clearing
Receive Vehicle

Get your Car!

Step 6

Get your car and Enjoy drive!

1. Translate Auction Sheet information
Bros Co., Ltd.
1. Lot number
2. Last owner information (Private / Rent a car)
3. Engine capacity
4. Model code
5. Auction grade (interior grade)
6. Year of registration
7. Japanese inspection expiry date
8. Current mileage
9. Exterior color & Color code
10. Fuel type
11. Official dealer car / Parallel imported right handle drive / Left handle drive (Only for import car)
12. Recycle tax fee
13. Transmission
14. Air conditioner
15. Genuine Options
SR: Sun Roof
AW: Alloy Wheel
PS: Power Steering
PW: Power Window
カワ: Leather Seat
エアB: Air Bag
TV: TV System,Navigation (GPS) System
16. Sales point
17. Seat capacity
18. (If it is a truck) Payload
19. Chassis number
20. Auction Inspector Report
21. Description about the condition
22. Vehicle dimension (L x W x H)
23. Exterior condition
24. Tire condition (1-10 : 10 is 100% condition)
2. Inspection at AUCTION
Inspect your target before bid.
Inspector will contact you to describe condition.
Send photo to confirm damaged, rust & interior to get more information.
Bros Co., Ltd.
Rust Underneath
Rust Underneath
Scratch Exterior
Scratch on Exterior
Stain Interior
Stain on Interior
3. Sent All Document by AIR MAIL SERVICE
Sent all original document and maintenance record book, spare key etc...
Mail DHL Service
Find where is your document with serial number
4. Reconfirm Condition at Port Before SHIPPING
Take Photo for your purchase cars about 20 pcs image (including caution plate)
Car Shipping Condition
  • Start engine & check total condition
  • Check engine number if necessarily
  • Leave inside of Dehumidifying agent to avoid mold.
Leather Interior
---use only container shipping or leather interior vehicle---
5. INLAND Transport
Your purchase vehicle deliver by transporter to the port yard in few days.
Shipping Inland Transport