Ship to USA - NORTH AMERICA: Main Port

USA Main Port
Shipping Destination Port
Anchorage, Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Brunswick, Charleston, Galveston, Honolulu, Jacksonville, Long Beach,Los Angeles, Miami, Mobile, Neworleans, Newyork, Newark, Newportnews, Oakland, Palm Beach, Portland, Providence, Richmond, San Francisco, Savannah, Seattle, Tacoma, Tampa, Wilmington
Age Restriction
Normaly none ( need to follow to the standards of NHTSA )
Left hand drive ( Right hand drive for 25 years old )
Road Worthiness Inspection
Need to follow to the standards of NHTSA
Other Restrictions
Specified models mainly of 1980's, 90's etc. Please refer to the below website for more information about the models
Import Taxes Rates
Custom duties
Autos 2.5% Trucks 2.5%
Motorcycles either fee or 2.4%
Federal Tax applied to some model
Japanese Used Car Import Ranking
Nissan Skyline
No. 1
Nissan Skyline GT-R
  • Feb 1993 - Dec 1994
  • 2600 cc
  • 4545x1755x1355
Nissan Figaro
No. 2
Nissan Figaro
  • Feb 1991 - Feb 1992
  • 1000 cc
  • 3740x1630x1365
Nissan Silvia
No. 3
Nissan Silvia
  • May 1988 - Sep 1993
  • 2000 cc
  • 4470x1690x1290